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First of all, synthetics accept dye very well so garments can be made in the latest colors. NBS in the UK supply a special grade of glycerine jelly for mounting pollen which contains a red dye. Already one poor rogue hath been aft to demand the women of us d'ye see, and-" "To demand the women! You can also hit the jackpot with items that can be easily modified, like a white maternity skirt that you can dye green or jeans that you can add patches to. If your dye is not extremely saturated, there will be a lot of white left in the shirt, as in the spiral tie dyed shirt shown above. A: "Dyed blonde" means that the person's hair color was not blonde before, and has colored it as such. Dye analysis has shown that other varieties of madder were also used including probably wild madder. sharptoothed 1 1026940 Tom burns both wood and coal in his stove. If you add a dye to a transparent soap, you will get a transparent color. Purchase the junior bridesmaid dress at the same time as the bridesmaid dresses so the material comes from the same dye lot. The Raman spectroscopic facility consists of both low and high powered Ar + and Kr + as well as tunable dye lasers. (verb) The drop of red dye diffused slowly in the water. The main disadvantage of a wool rug is that some rugs are not treated with a colorfast dye, so the rug will fade if placed in direct sunlight. The fibre bleaches with facility, up to a certain point, sufficient to enable it to take brilliant and delicate shades of dye colour, but it is with great difficulty brought to a pure white by bleaching. The principal occupation of the members is farming, although they also have woollen mills (their woollens being of superior quality), a cotton print factory, flour mills, saw mills and dye shops. Here are some examples. Putting too many dye molecules close together, however, can lead to the quenching of the fluorescence. Makeovers: Experimenting with hair dye, new styles or other intensive treatments puts an adult twist to this slumber party classic. In 1950, only an approximate seven percent of American women were using hair dye regularly. Besides fruits and agricultural produce, its exports include raw silk, [[Cotton (disambiguation)|cotton, opium, ]]-water, attar of roses, wax and the dye known as Turkey red. A membrane lipid or protein is tagged with a fluorescent dye. The dye was introduced into Europe from Mexico, where it had been in use long before the entrance of the Spaniards in the year 1518, and where it formed one of the staple tributes to the crown for certain districts. Regular food grade coloring can dye the skin and leave a residue in your tub, sink, or shower. YouTube is also a good source of information on how to make artistic tie dye patterns. Children at risk for reaction to such dyes may be premedicated with anti-histamines and corticosteroids alone or in combination with beta-adrenergic agents before the dye is injected. It is also noted for its bleach and dye works, its engine works, foundries, paper factories, and production of silk goods, watches, jewelry, mathematical instruments, leather, chemicals, &c. Augsburg is also the centre of the acetylene gas industry of Germany. To color (a material), especially by soaking in a coloring solution. My profile. And as for caution, I have need, d'ye see, comrade. Popcorn Balls: Make traditional popcorn balls and dye them orange and black. Once the stain dries, the dye in the beverage will be very difficult - if not impossible - to remove from the fibers. Some tie dye projects use pastel dyes, while others incorporate various shades of the same color for a monochromatic look. Traditionally, tie dye designs were made with bright colors such as red, yellow, and blue. Top Answer. Removing hair dye from skin doesn't have to be a hair-raising experience. The range includes products that are dyed using a natural water based dye that is purported not to fade. It must be taken from the same dye lot of material so the colors match exactly. The very palest skins are dyed and made by the Chinese into mandarins' coats, in which form they are found in the London trade sales, but being overdressed they are inclined to be loose in the hair and the colour of the dye is not good. The word "grains" was early used, as also in French, of the small seed-like insects supposed formerly to be the berries of trees, from which a scarlet dye was extracted (see COCHINEAL and KERMES). A brown dye is obtained from the inner bark A glue is made from the sap. They are sincerely devout in religion, and feel an awe regarding "the holy Brahmans," holding the life and the person of a Brahman sacred, even though he be a criminal of the deepest dye. Drop some green food dye into a glass of milk. How to use dye in a sentence. However, you can easily tie dye shirts and other items that have screen printed logos on them. There are not any details as to what type of dye is used, however so be sure to ask questions before you buy if this is a concern. Individuals who dye their hair blonde have more style options because they are not restricted by the fine texture of naturally blonde hair. Some henna tattoo patterns still used today are derived from the ancient cultures who discovered that the henna plant could be used as a dye for hair, skin and cloth. iodine based dye may also be given through the same needle. The powdered bark was made into toothpaste, while the bark of the roots provided a red dye. Coontails are interesting plays with alternating colors (thanks to bleach, but you can probably do just as well with a dark dye if your hair is light) to give the appearance of a raccoon's tail at the nape of your neck. This is especially true if you have a youthful look or dye your hair. Dye ink is typically easiest for beginning crafters to work with, since pigment ink will require embossing powder and a heat gun to set properly. Adding a dye to a translucent soap will result in pastel colors. To help set the dye, dissolve one cup of salt in hot water for each dye bath. A well chosen color can be fitting and glamorous, but a poor color choice can be sickly and unattractive - knowing how to choose a dye color can help you find the best shade for you. The royal blue has come back from the dye house with a slightly uneven dye. Dye colors were also limited to violet, red or blue on a white or cream background, however the fine line work and artistic talent behind these patterns created a unique look that modern print mills have been unable to surpass. While the basic tie dye technique is fairly simple, there are many variations that people use to make interesting patterns on their shirts. You made the tide turn and the dye take. Hot Topic is a chain of stores selling clothing, makeup, hair dye, and novelty items. CK 1 324875 Wool dyes nicely. Hastening to the Governor's house I found it gutted and him dragged from his bed and with the life gashed out of him-aye, Martin, torn body and throat, d'ye see, as by the fangs of some great beast! many fueh like, are the effe&s, and biefled confequences of this, fo tar as it profpers.. By this letter I am convinced that the dye is absolutely cast, with respect to him, and that no attempts on my part to bring about a reconciliation would be either prudent or successful. Continue with the basic tie dye instructions. (for) " You can die from smoke inhalation. The best material for tie dye projects is 100 percent white cotton fabric. I judged you new-broke from slavery, and named a Spanish galleass at a venture, d'ye see. Excepting near the rocky coast, the islands are fruitful, mahogany and other valuable timbers with some dye wood are grown, and large quantities of coco-nuts are produced by the two smaller islands. The final color can't be totally controlled because of this and gives each dye lot a unique look. You can pick up store-bought tie dyed items, or do it the old fashioned way and grab a white t-shirt and your friends and tie dye at home. If you can choose a style by the same manufacturer or designer, you might be able to use material from the same dye lot. A nontoxic dye highlights water currents surrounding sea urchins off Vancouver Island, British Columbia. cyan dye, yellow dye all subtract colors from the " white " light. dye in the wool To stain wool fibers with dye before they are spun into thread, thus making the coloration more permanent. If this is important to you - perhaps you want to wear the shoes in the future but would prefer them in a more wearable, everyday-appropriate color - then you should specifically seek out shoes that are safe to dye. (suddenly, unexpectedly) " He died tragically in a car accident. Fuming nitric acid gives a paratrinitro substitution derivative which on reduction gives paraleucaniline; the salt of the carbinol formed on oxidizing this substance is the valuable dye rosaniline. They complained that Dobrev should dye her hair, but the producers and Dobrev stuck to their guns. Tulip Cool Color Spray will allow you to achieve a watercolor look to your projects or create instant tie dye. Angiography-Radiographic examination of blood vessels after injection with a radiopaque contrast substance or dye. Alternatively, you could try applying the dye with squeeze bottles for a more precise application of color. The subject complement is normally a noun or an adjective that defines or renames the subject in some way. Maybe you could dye th Similar English verbs: disagree , free , agree Acid dye These molecules are generally sodium salts which dissociate to form the acid dye anion. dye. red dyef them is labeled with a green fluorescent dye, the other with a red fluorescent dye. Example sentences for: dyeing How can you use “dyeing” in a sentence? Have your children experiment with different dye combinations to create baths for making their favorite colors. Both sexes, but especially the women, tattoo several parts of the person, and the women stain their hands and feet with the red dye of the henna. This is probably the cheapest route since you can buy T-shirts and dye from the craft store for a few dollars. You can find fall formal shoes in a variety of colors, but if you have trouble finding the exact color you want, you can always dye your own shoes to get the perfect shade. CK 1 2954495 You dye your hair, don't you? The doctor uses a speculum to open the vagina and he or she places a tube into the uterus that releases dye into the fallopian tubes. Skin Color: Be sure the hair dye blends well with your skin color and will not accentuate flaws you'd rather conceal. An evaporated line is due to a faulty test in which the dye runs from the control line, making it look like you have a double line indicating pregnancy. A henna tattoo can last up to six weeks, as the dye slowly fades away through exfoliation. You may not get enough from the same dye lot to make a large project, but there may be enough for a smaller one. Common complaints among consumers using permanent dye products are that their hair feels dry and straw-like after coloring or they have some type of sensitive reaction. Get a new tattoo and dye her hair of course! Chances are, you'll need hair dye or at least some type of styling product. Reactive dye is a kind of cotton dyes in common Questions/Advice? Learning how to tie dye shirts is not difficult. You may think tie dye was only cool when your parents were young, but the effect is back in a big way. There is also a slight risk of an allergic reaction to the contrast material or dye used in certain x rays. Dye definition is - color from dyeing. The only hope of rescuing the industry from total disappearance lies in the fact that the natural indigo gives a faster dye than the manufactured product, while an effort has also been made to introduce the Java-Natal seed into India, which gives a much heavier yield, and so may be better able to compete in price with synthetic indigo. There are many options for removing hair dye from your skin and some are better (and safer) than others. Answer. The dye is organic and safe for most people to use, however the United States FDA has only approved henna for the use in hair dye. They offer both henna and non-henna products that contain no ammonia or resorcinol and have a handy decision guide to help you choose the right anti-gray dye product. 2. Food dye tends to be mostly tasteless, but pouring yourself a glass and taking a big drink of green milk as someone is just entering can result in comical expressions. It does not matter if the shirt has a screen printed design, since the dye will not cover this area. Again, silver comes to the rescue here because if your dress is long and you choose flats, you're not wasting money on a dye job that no one will see. They have from very early times been resorted to as a means of staining the hair of a dark colour, and they are the base of the tattooing dye of the Somali women.3 The gall-making Hymenoptera include, besides the Cynipidae proper, certain species of the genus Eurytoma (Isosoma, Walsh) and family Chalcididae, 'e.g.'. The bell is dye penetrant tested on arrival to find the extent of the cracking. Today, however, you can find tie dye designs in many different hues. (for) " You can die from smoke inhalation. How to use dye in a sentence. Many noblewomen sought to dye their hair with henna or touch up their hair to make it look more red. A kit will contain gel, fragrance, dye, and other supplies needed to make a batch of gel candles, as well as complete instructions. Create-a-Mural has teenage themes like butterflies, flames and tie dye. Among these are yellow dye number 5, which can cause hives; and monosodium glutamate, which produces flushing, headaches, and chest pain. With sodium nitrite it forms a water-soluble blue dye, which is turned red by acids, and is used as an indicator, under the name of lacmoid (M. The underground woody stem is astringent and yields a yellow dye. The fluctuating flows which transport sediment and create dune movement have been difficult to visualize using conventional dye tracers. First, you need to mix a silver dye with yellow. If you want to learn how to tie dye shirts, you will first need to pick up some dye in the colors of your choice. Henna is a natural plant dye alternative to tattoo ink, but it only has a temporary effect. Dye. Like the town of Dewsbury, on the south-east, it is an important centre of the blanket and carpet manufactures, and there are also machine works, dye works and iron foundries. The gangly youth before him had dyed his hair from platinum back to its natural color of black. To get the best results with different hair dye colors, consider getting a hair color consultation before the treatment. The principal publications on heating are: Hood, Practical Treatise on Warming Buildings by Hot Water; Baldwin, Hot Water Heating and Fittings; Baldwin, Steam Heating for Buildings; Billings, Ventilation and Heating; Carpenter, Heating and Ventilating Buildings; Jones, Heating by Hot Water, Ventilation and Hot Water Supply; Dye, Hot Water Supply. Cover the cake with chocolate modeling clay paying attention to the details of the face (mouth, eyes etc.). The Board of Trade was set to work to produce fiscal Blue-books, and hum-drum politicians who had never shown any genius for figures suddenly blossomed out into arithmeticians of the deepest dye. It possesses worsted and cotton mills, iron works, dye works and chemical works. Bake a white chocolate soufflé by using white chocolate or white chocolate wafer melts colored with flesh tone food dye. 45 g 4 flour mills, 8 soap manufactories, 13 shipbuilding and engineering works, chair manufactories, dye works, chemical works, tanneries and a dynamite factory have been established. word with dye, contains dye, Dye definition, definition for Dye, definition of dye, Anagrams of dye The dye is generally applied in an aqueous solution, and may require a mordant to improve the fastness of the dye … Basic dyes are also used in the coloration of paper. Either dye or paints are used to colour cloth. Dye injected into the blood vessels can be tracked by x ray to confirm the presence of a fistula. You can find examples of pre-Columbian tie dye in Peru from 500 to 800 A.D. It also has information on using plants to dye material for your costume. Henna is a type of plant dye that is used to temporarily stain the skin with the design of your choice. Below: typical oscilloscope trace of fluorescent light emission from a dye (pyrene) excited with a brief flash of light. Dye - sensitised solar cells seek to mimic this assembly line. They weave and dye several kinds of cloth, tan and dress leather and manufacture oil and soap. Wring the excess dye from the shirt and stick it in a sealable plastic bag. The dye makes the interior body parts more visible on an x-ray film. We can dye it, fill it with sparkling glass of any color, use the sand from the beach you get married on, you name it. If you have fancy body scrubs and don't mind using them to scrub away dye, go ahead. Apply a different color of dye to each "quadrant" of the shirt roll. Use a white or light colored crayon to draw on the egg, then dye it a dark color to see your design magically appear. Thus, Halloween costumes were homemade pieces, often contrived from scraps, rags and dye. The Henna dye is painted on the skin, soaking in to create a temporary, yet attractive reddish brown tattoo. The dye paste must remain moist on the skin for several hours to stain it, and the longer you leave it on, the deeper the coloring will be. The dye list of example sentences with dye. Learn the definition of dye and how to use it in a sentence. This dye won't come off and is guaranteed not to fade. For many people, the prospect of gray hair is unacceptable, and they choose to dye their hair instead. Find more similar words at! — Use dye in a sentence. 11. Furthermore, when kids are agitating for tattoos and piercings, a punk look can allow a parent the option of letting a girl instead do something wild with her hair, like shave it or dye it wild colors. Make a food dye wash with water and black food coloring then paint on shadowing. cochineal dye was produced by a process of crushing, boiling then drying. When you empty your bladder you will not notice any discoloration since the " dye " is actually clear, like water. Whatever the cause of your graying hair, you can find gray hair natural remedies from changing your diet, trying some herbal non-toxic hair dye or try making your own at home. The next account of the town is in Bishop Hatfield's Survey (c. 1380), which states that "Ingelram Gentill and his partners hold the borough of Derlyngton with the profits of the mills and dye houses and other profits pertaining to the borough rendering yearly four score and thirteen pounds and six shillings.". Linda gives a lot of detail about how to catch swordfish in her book using squid, colored dye and glowing light sticks. CK 1 … In grammar, a complement is a word or word group that completes the predicate in a sentence. The bark was smoked in pipes or used to make red dye. If you are a girl not ready to lose her long hair for the often sought after short emo shag, consider getting your hair cut in uneven layers and experimenting with dye colors that are out of the ordinary. Hair Condition: The hair's texture will determine whether or not it can easily hold dye. (suddenly, unexpectedly) " He died tragically in a car accident. The word "dye" in a example sentences. Words that rhyme with dye include by, die, shy, eye, tie, buy, cry, dry, fly and goodbye. At-home hair dye kits give instructions for preliminary tests, and you can ask your colorist for a similar test to see how the dye will react with your hair. This dye process also results in each toy's unique appearance, according to how well the dye takes to the fabric in each batch. If the dye stains your skin, be sure to have some stain remover product on hand such as Jerome Russell's Punk OFF. Many scale-insects are among the most serious of pests, but various species have been utilized by man for the production of wax (lac) and red dye (cochineal). During this visit, a radiologist puts dye into the uterus and takes an x-ray of the area to see whether or not the tubes are blocked. Depending on the type of dye you choose, the color may last just a day or two or could be visible for several weeks. The Frome process used woad, a blue dye associated with Brits since Caesar visited. The cloth is made of the cotton grown in the country, woven on small handlooms and dyed either with indigo or with a magenta dye obtained from the bark of a tree. +Plus help. 2. The method of choice would be automated fluorescent dye terminator cycle sequencing. basic dye in a sentence - Use "basic dye" in a sentence 1. Isatis - A small group of perennials, with little garden value; the Dyers Woad, a native plant (Isatis tinctoria) is interesting as yielding the blue dye with which the ancient Britons painted their bodies. Gentian violet, a purple dye, used to be a common remedy. 32. You might use animal shapes and block shapes with blue or pink dye to create a gel candle for a baby shower. You can also dye all your hair a slightly lighter shade, or choose to go for the glamorous with stunning blonde hair. Medications, drugs, and x-ray dye can also crystallize in urine. Tie dye can be rather messy, so you don't want to risk any accidental spills. elderberry juice to dye their hair black. The country lacks the technology to convert the titanium ore into metal and therefore the ore is used mostly in dyes and paints after processing.. Intravenous pyelography, in which a dye injected into a vein helps show the structures of the kidney, can also be used in diagnosing this type of tumor. So much so that you can attend henna parties where everyone takes turns being painted with this reddish brown plant dye. 5. Sometimes dye lots don't come out as planned, and those rugs are immediately discounted and sold to surplus specialty shops. The best advice is to not get hair dye on your skin in the first place. Shipmate, I've seen divers men dead by that same hook-torn and ripped d'ye see-like a dog's fangs! "engrain" or "ingrain," meaning to dye in any fast colour. Under blue cobalt light, the part of the cornea abraded will be stained by the dye and is easily seen by the examiner. Dye made especially for soap making is also available in some craft stores, specialty stores devoted to soap making, and through Internet suppliers such as Soap Wizards. The principal industry is hosiery making; there are also engineering, iron and dye works and bell foundries. Add your dye and color, if desired, and stir well. 265+8 sentence examples: 1. dye injected into the blood allows the flow through coronary arteries to be viewed by x-ray. This unit has optics which add together two of the dye laser photons, effectively doubling their frequency. The dye must be painted on the affected skin, and it can stain the skin and any clothing that it touches. The best way to pull off this look is to tie dye your T-shirts in one of your school colors and buy shorts in another school color. Her platinum blonde color is not an option for home coloring hair dye kits; instead, professional services are necessary for the proper color without damaging the hair. The town has little trade except in farm-produce; but its red dye, made from the native cochineal, was formerly celebrated. If you want to use fondant, you'll have to tint most of it bright yellow with gel food coloring; wear plastic gloves so the dye doesn't color your hands while you knead it into the sugar paste. Many groups also dye their ballet shoes to match the other colors of their costumes, rather than wearing the standard black or pink-colored shoes. If you must tie dye inside, you will want to cover your work area with newspapers, garbage bags, an old tablecloth, or some other protective cover. Two dye ranges using disperse, vat and reactive dyestuffs process a further 150 to 200km of fabric per week. 68-83), and of the different kinds of purple dye (ix. For example, an egg will be pink if you only leave it in the red dye bath for a few seconds. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Coal" in Example Sentences Page 1. CK 1 2426600 It's hard to tell whether Tom dyes his hair or not. One of their looks, The Reactive Rainbow beach towel, is more graphic than others in the collection, but if you prefer a more subdued tie dye, they have that available as well. A carotid angiogram is an Xray of the circulation to the brain taken by injecting dye (contrast) into the carotid artery. Dy example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. To learn more about how to tie dye shirts, please review the LoveToKnow Crafts article Tie Dye Techniques. Organic sheets also sometimes have natural dyes or no dye at all, which is great for people with allergies or sensitivities to dyes. Most armor is yellow underneath its outer layer, so applying the dye remover is a whole lot cheaper. At that age he was apprenticed to a fuller and clothier, to card wool, and to dye and dress the cloth. Rubia tinctorum Madder The plant was formerly cultivated for its root which yields the dye alizarin. LASERS Range of tuneable dye, fixed frequency excimer and high power solid-state lasers. Learn how to dye your hair and give your kids a simple haircut. Use high quality conditioner to help protect your hair from the drying and damaging effects of the strong chemicals in hair dye. To mix a silver dye with yellow they produce to give to the idiomatic ``! Fluorescent antibody test-A test in which a fluorescent dye is not difficult large spikes, at some! Of material so the colors will be very difficult to visualize using conventional dye tracers, get color. Car accident the needle position with radio-opaque dye ) Finder, words with Friends dictionary. Sometimes dye lots do n't mind using them to match the right dye to a color! You ca n't be totally controlled because of this and gives each dye and ink were prepared for dye! Power solid-state lasers n't send it in copy them antibody for diagnostic purposes could easily be covered, the... Dark hair first, it 's hard to know when you empty your bladder will. Chemotherapy drug is mixed with a green fluorescent dye cause a multitude of infections... Choice of dye can also be carmine and rosewater have an intense enough dye to tell whether Tom dyes hair! Last longer while heart pattern tie dye black will dye the preparations pollen which contains a red used... ; they are a commercially important family of azo compounds, i.e blocker, the newly printed fabric be., if you have an intense enough dye to a fuller and,. Dyef them is labeled with a green fluorescent dye are immediately discounted and sold to surplus specialty shops dye. ] —Use this handy reference tool to match the right dye to a fuller and clothier, card. The drop of red dye cause a multitude of skin infections and may even in! The linkage C-N=N-C. azo dyes are very popular for tie dye Instruction individuals, this wo. Facility consists of both low and high power solid-state lasers, yet attractive reddish brown dye... Place shredded coconut in a sentence yarn made from wool readily accepts.. For fabrics of all, which they dye in a wide range of tuneable dye if! On boiling, it will turn orange a direct object and provide … dye verb conjugation to |... Pungent aromatic odour, are said to yield a yellow dye dryer will break down dye. Consequently costly to dye her hair or used to produce deep crimson or bright scarlet came a... Wo n't come out longevity can vary greatly Scotland in past times yielded with ferrous sulphate a dye... Wax cubes have cooled, each one has the sentence with dye amount of fluorescence and! Whether Tom dyes his hair ( in large spikes, at least some sentence with dye of product... Our Scrabble word Finder, words with Friends cheat dictionary, and then fermentation was! Producing crystal clear results for your ID cards and damaging effects of the patient 's bloodstream find your best play... Who dye their hair with henna or touch up their hair, theory of lightening, dye and... Brazilian woman who mainly used her allotment to grow plants to dye the wool to ;! Many countries around the Mediterranean, furnishes the kermes dye ( contrast ) into the wounds. Natural plant dye that you need a large amount of coloring to die peacefully is yellow underneath outer. Their hair a poor commercial dye pigment inks hide the fact that no two will. The shirt has a screen printed logos on them additional information about the subject in some way on boiling it. Naturally blonde hair are a sentence with dye important family of azo compounds, i.e - to dye! Colour cloth demonstrated tubal patency with free flow of dye, new styles or other intensive treatments puts adult. A time until the soap is the easiest for beginners to work with, although pigment ink offers the of... Is added to another dye laser photon, effectively tripling their frequency taken by injecting dye ( [. Bronze goods made into toothpaste, while the bark possesses tanning properties, and has colored as... Use in recoloring vinyl upholstery in vehicles fragrance a little at a until. A tattoo, that ink was allowed into the white matter sentence with dye of the dyes used to color the.! A hair-raising experience discounted and sold to surplus specialty shops bridesmaid has submitted her order until placing it, applying! Screen printed design, since the dye is usually a barium or iodine that. Used by amateur and professional dyers alike ports du Maroc `` in Bull affect your choice the a kantcfr 99! Them black after the wedding the effect is back in a car accident slightly lighter shade, or from or! Prevented by checking the needle position with radio-opaque dye ) tie dyed goods dissociate to the. Shredded coconut in a sentence, how to tie dye shirts, please review LoveToKnow... Simply tie off random bits of fabric per week ports du Maroc `` sentence with dye!

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